Worthwhile Investments

I began my entrepreneurial life at age 6 sitting on a big yellow school bus next to my childhood friend Craig Towles whose toothy smile was made even more expansive by a permanent scar inadvertently inflicted by yours truly when we were digging a foxhole to prepare for a Jap nocturnal assault on Guadalcanal and I neatly inflicted a friendly fire injury and five stitches on Corporal Towles with my army surplus trench shovel– when my 8-year-old big brother, who was obviously Harvard Business School bound before he cut his rear molars, grabbed my left shoulder from the seat behind me and said, “Jimmy I am loaning you a nickel to buy two McGehee Times.”. “Why, Little Bill,” I asked, “would I buy one, much less two, McGehee Times–I can’t read yet?
Sell them stupid and double your money.” And so Bill was right on both counts. I bought two papers for a nickel and then sold them for ten cents! I learned an important lesson. I could sell something and double my money. Amazing!
Unfortunately, though I also discovered another wonderful fact: Mr. Woodcock’s Dime Store. I took my dime and bought a bag of candy and a stuffed toy. Amazing! As I return from Giant Eagle with money in my pocket I am grateful that the Dime Store is only in my memory.
Mark 8:36 36 What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his/her soul? That is a good question – and this is a deal I do not want to make! I want to invest my life in things that matter – family, church, and DVDs. . . well forget the DVDs–but we need to think about how we invest our lives – And I still owe Bill his nickel.

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