The Saboteur

I don’t just see myself as an author, father, husband, pastor, I see myself a a saboteur of the culture of hopelessness pervading our nation, guerrilla fighter against secular religion (very similar to Baal worship). I see myself as a soldier in the army of the Lord combating mediocrity and so-called toleration which is anything but, masquerading as enlightened candor. My friend, although I was never his peer, and professor at Harvard, Erich Goldhagen, a survivor of the Holocaust told me something I will never forget. “Stobaugh,” Professor Goldhagen said, “Do not think that the Nazis were immoral. On the contrarily. They were veritable Puritans!” Of course Dr. G did not mean the “Puritans” in New England but “Puritans” as in religious, moral people. Committed Nazis in fact practiced all sorts of moral, religious, behavior: sobriety, chastity, honesty, and courage. “The problem is,” Dr. G explained, “the worst sort of people are those who are moral but whose ethics stem from some cause or world view connected to a political agenda.” The Nazis’ morality was divorced from Judeo-Christianity. Again, this week, I see a nation motivated by a cause whose god is a foreign, alien presence to my pantheon and, again, I find myself moving farther away from the Asherah poles. It is with you and our God, Mt. Laurel UCC, that I place my heraldry!

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